In this third edition of the Plus+ innovation programme more than 90 ideas were submitted. 16 of theses ideas were selected by a jury (consisting of both internal and external experts) and went on to phase 2 of the competition. In this second phase the teams were guided through bootcamps and validation sessions in which the teams were encouraged to further develop their ideas. After their first pitch 10 ideas were again selected by a jury, these 10 teams are currently working on their MVP for their final pitch. You can find these 10 ideas below along with their ad-lib and recorded pitch. Feel free to contact the teams if you have any feedback.

Ultrasound for longer membrane life

Our ultrasoninc membrane fouling prevention device Helps(Waste)Water Treatment Plants Who wants to optimize operation and cleaning procedure of membrane plants By eliminating hazardous and intermittent cleaning measures And reducing membrane fatality Unlike conventional membrane fouling control

Contact Merab Apkhazava

Hydrogen Experience App

Our Hydrogen Experience application helps urban developers who want to develop or implement public hydrogen projects by improving safety perceptions of hydrogen and company image, and decreasing project delays and costs. (Unlike conventional methods such as information letters or gatherings).

Contact Vu Tran

Health driven design

Our Health Driven Design platform helps urban planners and designers who want to realise health policy in the built environment by translating policy goals into measurable indicators, using these to evaluate design options and optimize for a healthy urban design, unlike traditional qualitative policy implementation.

Contact Laurens Versluis


Our Watertekenaar helps Witteveen+Bos to assist cities who want to design and develop (parts of) themselves with proper water management and a sniff of climate adaptation by visualizing the designed waterrelated measures in an urban context and calculating their potential effect on the water balance.

Contact Olivia Coomans

RBBD Light (Risk Based Burial Depth Light)

Our RBBD+ allows offshore pipeline and cable operators to ensure safety for their assets and other users of the sea, by replacing the current aproach of costly ad-hoc maintenance, with a pro active risk based asset and integrity management approach, providing fast and accurate insight in the factual risk profile along the pipeline or cable.

Contact Liza de Wit

+Reuse Quickscan

Our +Reuse Quickscan helps asset owners who want to determine if their assets are re-useable by eliminating a gap in knowlegde and quickly determining their true value and enabling the resalisation of the SDG's unlike current inspection and assessment standards

Contact Danny den Boef

The Sustainable Heroes Podcast

πŸƒ Dreamers of making the world a better place (in- and outside W+B) take note πŸ‘€: In this podcast you can listen to sustainable heroes from all over the world πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ. We give them a stage and travel with them to mangrove forests in Indonesia and sand motors in Zandvoort. Along the way it becomes clear how you as a listener can take action in your daily life πŸ˜ƒ.

Contact Noor Reigersman

The Intelligent Building Pit

Our Intelligent Building Pit helps (dewatering) contractors and governmental organizations who want to sustainable and efficient drain a building pit by maintaining the groundwater on the preferred level and minimize groundwater effects and fuel consumption unlike ever done before.

Contact Ingrid van den Brink

Infrared Piping Control

Our Infrared Piping Control helps waterboards who want to improve their asset management and emergency response of dikes by providing real-time insight in the risk of failure of their assets and allowing to optimize investments in dike reinforcements.

Contact Floris Naus

Coastal Impact Planner

Our Coastal Impact Planner helps the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia who want to formulate policies and facilitate guidance & technical assistance in the field of integrated and sustainable coastal zone management by preventing erosion and flooding and by enabling coastal areas to prosper through co-creation and easy comparison of impact of coastal measures unlike other coastal tools that only show the risks or limited measures and are unable to show impact on sustainability.

Contact Tom Wilms

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Innovation Manager

Elmo Slump
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Smart Cities

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Smart Company

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Smart Cycles

Fenna van de Watering
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Smart Deltas

Menno Buckers
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Smart Infra and mobility

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